Newton South PTSO Directory Information

Newton South PTSO Directory Information

How do I Access the online Directory if I have contributed to the dues campaign?

  • Using the email address you confirmed your information, access the online directory by following the link:
  • Click on the directory icon link once you are logged in.
  • Note: You can also download the MembershipToolKit app on your mobile device.

Can I pick up a hard copy version of the Directory?

Can I still contribute and obtain access to the paper or online Directory?

  • Yes!!  It is not too late – follow the link below and click on “Update or Verify Family Information”  to confirm your information and make your donation.
  • Please note the donation amount is a suggested amount, if this is not in your budget this year, we do not want this to be a reason to not be connected.  Please email and we will arrange to give you access if this is the case.

Other Questions?
Any questions on directory access can be sent to