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PTSO Seeking New Leadership!

In this last newsletter of the 2017-2018 school year, I would like to thank all of the families who have volunteered time and financial resources to support the PTSO. You help to create a vibrant and supportive community at Newton South. Thanks also to the South faculty and staff for your hard work and dedication to our kids.

I am finishing my third year as PTSO president and it’s been wonderful to have the opportunity to meet so many great families and to work with the fantastic staff at South. My son graduated this year, and although I will happily be around for a few more years with my daughter, I am mindful of the need to pass the torch and provide for leadership of the PTSO into the future. In order for the PTSO to continue as a viable organization which supports our students and staff, I need to find people who are interested in taking over leadership positions. I am definitely in need of some people to fill the co-president roles, but also need individuals willing to take over important areas like SouthFest and hospitality. My goal is to gradually transition out of my various PTSO roles over the course of the year as a new crop of PTSO leaders become familiar with these roles. And I can assure you that after three years in this job, two of them as the solo president, I am in a very good position to show you the ropes and I will not abandon you to go it alone. So please think hard about stepping up to take on a leadership role in the PTSO. Questions? Feel free to email me at and I would be delighted to talk with you.

Although I continue to check the PTSO emails throughout the summer, I will at times be blissfully unplugged and out of touch. So please be patient if you do not get a quick reply. I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Enjoy your summer! The PTSO newsletter will return in August.

—Helen Haley

Still Looking for a Host for Freshman Information Session Focusing on Special Education

We are still looking for an incoming freshman family to host the freshman information session which will focus on special education programs at South. We usually schedule the freshman information sessions during the last two weeks of August although there is a possibility to schedule it a little earlier in the month. Special Education Department Head Melissa Gamble will attend  this session along with Principal Joel Stembridge. The average size of the sessions is about 40 people and the host provides some very light refreshments.  The PTSO can provide folding chairs for extra seating.  If you would consider hosting this  information session, please email

Message from Newton South Stage Parents Group to Incoming Families

As we head into summer, the South Stage Parents Group would like to extend a warm welcome to all incoming students and families, and introduce you to Newton South’s highly-acclaimed theater program, South Stage.

Regardless of experience level, South Stage offers students a friendly and safe environment to make connections, explore new interests, embrace challenges, and develop skills that will be valuable throughout high school and far beyond.

Visit to find out more about the program, and look out for information coming in the fall about the 2018-2019 Season South Stage Parents’ Information Meeting. All freshmen are invited to audition in fall for the Frosh Play (any student who auditions will get a role), and/or to pursue roles behind the scenes of any production as part of our dynamic technical theatre team.

Please email if you have any questions, would like to be added to our mailing list or want to find out how you can also become involved. Have a great summer and we hope to see you in the fall!

Newton South Stage Parents Group

Summer Reading Information

For information on One School, One Question and summer reading, please click here. Any questions about summer reading? Contact English department chair Brian Baron.

Student Directory Update

The online PTSO directory will be unavailable during the month of July, as we update the student records. The online directory will be available (with a contribution to the PTSO) again in the fall, after all the information has been confirmed. Please confirm your family’s information when we send the notice. We thank you for your patience in advance—1,500 families is a lot to process!

Newsletter Subscription Information

If your email address changes over the summer, or if you know a parent who doesn’t receive the newsletter, please click here to register. If you no longer have a child at Newton South, please click “Update your Profile” at the bottom of this email. If you will have a child at South in the future, please do not click Unsubscribe—we will not be able to add you later. To stay in touch with other South families over the summer, consider joining other parents in your grade on Facebook.

DCL Spring All-Stars

The Dual County League released the names of the 2018 Spring All-Stars. (The sports meeting and votes occurred later than usual due to the extension of the regular season.) Congratulations to South athletes who were selected by the league coaches!

  • Baseball: Brandon Lee, Aidan Sutherland
  • Softball: Halley Wilson-Thayer, Chandra Penton, Adalia Rodriguez, Amanda Smith (Honorable Mention)
  • Boys Lacrosse: Jack Briney, Joseph Busa, Benjamin Powdermaker, Cameron Kaitz
  • Girls Lacrosse: Veronica Burton, Jordan Briney, Charlotte Cadrain, Lily Riseberg, Sophie Szymanski, Madeline Yorke
  • Boys Tennis: Zachary Schwartz, Gabriel Nissenbaum, Levi Shlyankevich, Benjamin Kurland
  • Girls Tennis: Zoe Golub, Claire Lee, Dorra Guermazi, Samantha Smith (Honorable Mention)
  • Boys Outdoor Track & Field: Daniel Collins
  • Girls Outdoor Track & Field: Caroline Barry, Phoebe Blumberg, Emily Bulczynski, Anika Fiore, Danya Goldstein, Shannon Laughlin, Kaitlyn Shaughnessy, Aria Sonderling
  • Boys Volleyball: Ariel Fine, Mark Khrapko, Joshua Kos, David Patkin

Strong Finishes at the MIAA Golf Championship

Madalin Small finished 7th at the MIAA Girls Golf Championship, which was held last week. Congratulations to Madalin and to Sabrina Clibnick for strong finishes!

Boston Globe and Boston Herald All-Stars

The following student-athletes have been selected as Boston Globe All-Stars: Halley Wilson-Thayer (Softball), Dorra Guernazi, Claire Lee, Zoe Golub, Zack Schwartz, Levy Schlyankevich, and Gabe Nissenbaum (Tennis). Claire, Zoe, Levy, and Gabe were also selected Boston Herald All-Stars, along with Madalin Small (Golf) and Mark Khrapko (Volleyball). Congratulations to all!

New Head Coach for Girls Volleyball

We welcome our new Girls Volleyball Head Coach, Ms. Victoria Bryan. Coach Bryan is a Newton South graduate who played volleyball at our school and then went on to play collegiate volleyball at Bryant University. The program’s players and assistant coaches met with Coach Bryan last week, and they look forward to the beginning of a new chapter for our Volleyball program.