Regional Double-Goal Coach award to Assistant Softball Coach Richard Ward

Congratulations to NSHS Varsity Assistant Softball Coach Richard Ward for being selected as a Regional Double-Goal Coach® Award winners by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). Richard Ward has coached young athletes in Boston for decades with phenomenal results on and off the field. As a coach in Red Sox RBI (Reviving Baseball in the Inner City) program, Richard took a team of softball players who lost every game in their first season to undefeated for five years. Richard coaches young people in baseball, basketball, softball, and track, and helps them gain access to sports in and out of the city, including skiing.  One of the hallmarks of Richard’s calm, caring coaching is that he goes above and beyond for his players.  Consistently modeling respect for players, officials, opponents, and the game itself, Richard’s players learn to embrace this culture of respect.  When a player makes a mistake, Richard encourages them to “get the next one.” In guiding players to become the best they can be, Richard “lets them lead” enabling them to develop the confidence, grit, leadership and so much more to help them on the playing field, and in life.  With his focus on the joy of the game, Richard has helped many young softball and basketball players, track athletes, skiers, and more to reach for their goals, and thrive.