Student Schedule on Aspen at 4PM on Fri. Sept 11th

Hello NSHS Students and Families,

While our scheduling department is still very busy working on rebuilding student schedules and they need to verify changes throughout next week, they are confident that a list of classes will be available for students to view on Aspen at 4:00PM on Friday, September 11th. 

A verification process will then occur over the weekend where students will have the ability to indicate any errors in their class list on a google form that will be sent out (i.e. missing their English class, wrong level than what they were signed up for, class listed twice, etc.).

After corrections are made, including last minute balancing of class sizes, student schedules with blocks and teacher names will be posted in Aspen at 5:00pm on Monday, September 14th. Teachers will then contact students introducing themselves, providing zoom links, and other relevant information.

More specific information on the above, with instructions/tutorials, will be provided sometime next week.

Also, a reminder that the FAQ sheet from the September 2 Q&A will be sent to families by the middle of next week.

Chris Hardiman, NSHS Interim Vice Principal