Request for Unused Chromebooks from Grade 10-12

Update from Vice Principal Hardiman on September 10, 2020

South needs 140 Chromebooks for incoming Freshman.  If you have an unused working NPS Chromebook, please drop it off at Newton South on Friday, 9/11 from 8:30-3PM.

Please see the details below to determine if you are able to return your NPS Chromebooks.  Thank you!

Hello NSHS Families of Students in Grades 10 through 12,

As you may have heard, despite our best efforts, there are shipment and delivery delays for the chromebook devices ordered by the district. This includes the fact that the new chromebooks that are on order for students in grade 9 will not be arriving until January at the earliest. Based on a recent survey sent out to ninth grade families, we have 140 freshmen who are in need of a device to start the school year.

Therefore, if your student(s) in grades 10 through 12 does not need your NPS issued chromebook because you have access to another device (preferably with a touchscreen), please return the NPS issued device and charger to NSHS (logistics below). Unfortunately we are unable to refund insurance paid on the device.  If your device is broken, please do not return it for repurposing, please fill out the High School 1:1 Chromebook Repair Request Form so we can get this fixed for you.

Thank you VERY much in advance for your community support at this challenging time,

Chris Hardiman
NSHS Interim Vice Principal

Question: What type of device does our child need to have to access NSHS schoolwork?

  • NSHS students can use a chromebook, Apple iOS laptop or desktop, or a “PC” laptop or desktop. An iPad or Android tablet with a keyboard would also work.
  • All devices need to have a camera and speakers/sound.
  • Touchscreen is a preferred feature though this year we do understand that not all students will have access to a touchscreen device and we also know that not all students take advantage of the touchscreen capabilities.

Question: When can I return our NPS issued chromebook to NSHS?

  • There will be carts and tables right inside the lobby of the main entrance at NSHS to put the chromebook and the building will be open to receive them from 8:30am until 3pm, tomorrow, Friday 9/11.
  • If you are unable to come tomorrow but still want to return a chromebook, please send me an email and we can arrange a time on Monday for dropoff.

Question: How do we make sure that our returned chromebook will be properly accounted for?

  • Feel free to write your name on a sticky or piece of masking tape and attach it to the device AND charger before return. We will cross-reference and verify it is checked in properly. Please remember to return the charger as well!
  • All devices will be reviewed for damage before they are re-issued to students in grade 9.

Question: Our family also includes a freshman in grade 9 who needs a device, when will we hear about pick-ups?

  • Devices will first be issued to those freshmen who have already reported a need for a device (through the Google Form that was sent to ninth grade families from the IT department.)
  • Our plan is to have pickups of chromebooks for ninth graders who need them on Tuesday but more details will follow if this applies to you.

Question: We turned in a chromebook for repair and have not received another device but will definitely need one?

Please complete the form, Chromebook Needed due to Repair, so we can get you a machine.  Details will follow for those completing the form.