Mon. Sept 14 at 12PM – Submit Form for Corrections on Schedule

All families should have received the email from Vice Principal Hardiman regarding student schedules released today.

Please note the deadline to submit corrections is Monday, Sept. 14th at Noon. Final student schedules will be available on Aspen on Monday, Sept. 14th at 5PM.

Hello Students and Families,

A list of your classes for the 2020-21 school year can now be found on Aspen. A list of teachers and blocks will be published on Aspen at approximately 5:00pm on Monday, September 14th. I will send another email then with instructions/reminders.

Here are some important changes to courses and schedules during distance learning this year that you will want to be aware of:

1. Courses that previously were 2 x week full year will now be 2 x week for ONE SEMESTER ONLY.

2. Courses that previously were 2 x week for one semester will now be 2 x week for ONE TERM ONLY.

3. There are several art courses that were combined to better suit the distance learning model. For example, mixed media and ceramics courses have combined into 043 3D Exploration, art and design courses have combined into 2D Exploration, photo classes have combined into Photo Exploration and acting and improv courses combined into Acting Explorations.

4. The following junior and senior wellness classes have been combined into one course called “Junior and Senior Wellness”: Lifetime Pursuits, Centered Self, Global Games, Yoga/Pilates and Personal Fitness”. Sports Nutrition remains it’s own class.

Now, for instructions on the next steps:

a) If all of your classes were ones that you requested (including alternates that you chose), no need to do anything….just wait until Monday for a list of your teachers and blocks.

b) IF, any of the following apply to you, please fill out this google form. The deadline to fill it out is NOON ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH:

  • you are missing a core academic class or a wellness class
  • you have a course on your list that you did not request at all
  • a class is listed twice
  • you are listed in the wrong level of a course
  • you are underenrolled

On Monday at approximately 5:00pm, your updated classes and schedule will appear on Aspen. If you request a change that does NOT meet the criteria above, your classes will stay the same as you see today.

Finally, here is the Opening Day Schedule for next Wednesday, September 16th and important information like how to access teacher zoom links, etc. I will share more about the block schedule, including community and flex blocks, when you receive your actual schedules on Monday.

Have a nice weekend,

Mr. Hardiman
NSHS Interim Vice Principal