Student Schedules & First Day of School Schedule

Student Schedules with blocks were released Monday 9/14 on Aspen.  Please have your child log in to their Aspen account.   Teachers will be emailing students by Tuesday evening to welcome them with Zoom links to their class. Please have your child check their school Gmail account.

If you have questions or errors on your child’s schedule, please contact your child’s counselor, which is listed on their schedule.


See details of the email from Vice Principal Hardiman on Sept 14, 2020.

Hi Students and Families,

Your schedules with blocks and teachers are now available in Aspen. A reminder that if you filled out the course error google form and your class list has NOT changed since Friday, this means that we were not able to fulfill your request because it did not meet the criteria or did not fit into your schedule.

Here are code descriptions in the Term Column of your schedule:

FY = Full Year

S1 = Semester One, S2 = Semester Two 

Each semester has two quarters:

S1 has Q 1 = Quarter/Term 1, Q2 = Quarter/Term 2

S2 has Q 3 = Quarter/Term 3, Q4 = Quarter/Term 4 

For the Track ID column in your schedule, the letters are the blocks that your class will meet during the week (NSHS Student Schedule with Blocks)

One important clarification from the email that was sent on Friday:

Classes that were 2 x week for the full year in the past are actually 3 x week for a semester, NOT 2 x week as previously mentioned. Similarly, classes that were 2 x week for one semester in the past are actually 3 x week for a term, NOT 2 x week as previously mentioned.

If you have any questions about your schedule, please do NOT reply to this email. Please contact your school counselor (if you don’t know who your counselor is, her/his name is at the top of your schedule).

Attached is the block schedule for the first day of school on Wednesday and the rest of the week, going forward.  A reminder that the Wednesday permanent block schedule is still being finalized and will be shared as soon as it is approved. Community block is similar to our old advisory system. Exact details regarding flex block are still being finalized but expect that it may be used for things like extra help from teachers, guidance seminars, special events, and the like.

Finally, here again is information on the first day of school.  Teachers will be email all their students by Tuesday evening.  Please have your child check their school gmail account to read an email from your teachers welcoming you to their class and providing zoom links for you to access on Wednesday.

Mr. Hardiman
NSHS Interim Vice Principal