Winter Sports

There is limited information that we have regarding the winter season. This is what we know at this time:

The first week in November the EEA and the MIAA will release information on winter sports.  MIAA sports Committees are working on potential guidelines that will be the starting point for our league to create a proposal regarding the winter season. Once they release the winter sports “recommendations”, we will coordinate with Newton North to create a proposal that applies to both High Schools under our respective leagues, and that follows the COVID guidelines given by Newton HHD at that time.

The proposal will have to get approval from our school committee to be able to offer winter sports.

What can you do at this time?

Please update your child’ss physical and make sure our nurses receive the update before November 23. DESE and EEA require that the MIAA member schools only accept in-person physicals for sports activities. Our nurses can not accept telehealth physicals or letters from doctors.

Visit the NSHS athletic page and learn about the Newton Public Schools protocols regarding COVID communication as well as the current protocols for practices and games. Please remember that we are in an ever-evolving situation and we will need to adapt to the guidelines that will be released in November.

Where to find information once that winter sports are approved?

We update the Athletic Information page as new developments are happening. Please check it often!