Safety Protocols Reminder & Volunteers Needed for Juniors Event on Nov 20th

Dear Newton South Parents/Guardians of Junior!

The PTSO is sponsoring an event for the Class of 2022.  All students will receive an reminder email from Interim Vice Principal Hardiman by Wednesday with the same information about social distancing protocols.

Please remind your junior(s) about following social distancing guidelines to ensure we have a safe and fun in-person event.  Parents/guardians are responsible for determining whether their child(ren) can participate in this in-person opportunity.  You can drop off in the main parking lot.  Students can proceed to the circle area by the stadium to check-in.  All students must leave by 7:30pm.  Please arrange rides accordingly.  Thank you!

We do need more parent volunteers to support the event, please sign up if you can at

Please note that all students must register for the event by noon on Thurs. Nov 19th.

Hello Juniors!

The Newton South PTSO is excited to host this in-person event on Friday, November 20 from 5:30-7PM.   Join us for a night under the lights.  You must register for this event by noon on Thurs. Nov 20th at this link

Check-in is required and begins at 5:20PM at the parking lot area prior to entering the stadium.  Our priority is to ensure we have a safe event for this in-person opportunity. With the updated State Guidelines, we want to update you and remind everyone that it is a requirement for all participants to follow social distancing guidelines:

  • Masks at all times during the event
  • Minimum 6ft physical distancing (sitting or standing)
  • Avoiding close contact (talking and being less than 6ft apart)

Moving to different areas on the field to see classmates is fine, but guidelines state one should avoid any physical contact with another student and have close contact (sitting or standing and speaking while less than 6ft with a mask on). This includes all students, regardless if you have been previously exposed to on a regular basis. Physical distancing of 6ft apart should be followed at all times. Parent volunteers will be managing check-in, social distancing guidelines and exiting the stadium.

Looking forward to a safe and fun event everyone.   Thank you.