Newton South Green Newton Project – Capture Carbon Commemorate COVID-19

My name is Ahona Dam and I am a sophomore at Newton South.
I am part of a group called Green Newton which recently initiated a
project called “Capture Carbon Commemorate COVID-19” with the goal of
planting a tree for every person who has passed away from COVID-19 in
Newton in 2020. As of right now, about 140 people have lost their
lives and more might be lost by the end of December. (I’m attaching a
flyer below)

Not only will this project honor victims of COVID-19, but also by
planting trees, we can watch them grow, and leave them for the next
generation to enjoy while helping to offset carbon emissions.

In 1970, Newton had 40,000 trees, but that number has dwindled to
about half that amount at around 20,000 trees in recent years. Trees
are vital to prevent soil erosion, flooding, and reduce air pollution.
Trees also contribute to aesthetic beauty and have positive effects on
human health. To plant 150 trees is ambitious, it would cost about
$22,500, but it can be done with the help of enthusiastic volunteers
and the forester Marc Welch, whose advice will be critical in bringing
this to life.

The President of Green Newton, Marcia Cooper, supports the idea and
has helped to find a couple of college students who are joining the
effort, but we need more people who can help us organize, fundraise,
and be involved in the planting and maintenance of trees this upcoming

It would be great if the Newton South community (students, faculty,
leaders) would get involved with this project as we work on it this
Winter into the Spring.