Dec 31 Deadline Diploma Name Verification Inbox

Hello, Senior Class!

Many of you may have seen my name on emails regarding your transcripts and Naviance.  I hope your plans for after graduation are falling into place!

This time, I am emailing you about pre-graduation business.  I am the one who sends the student information to the printer for your diploma.  I usually spend December and January confirming the spelling of every senior’s name.  That is proving to be tricky this year, due to the pandemic, so, here is this year’s plan.


  1. Go on ASPEN and confirm the spelling of your first, middle and last names; and
  2. Complete this Google Form to confirm the spelling of your full name.

Confirmations are due no later than December 31, 2020All change requests will be confirmed via email to the student, and to the student’s parent/guardian.  Thank you for completing this form as soon as possible.  The earlier we can submit names to the printer, the more likely we will be to get our diplomas on time.

Thank you!

Marguerite Monahan, Registrar
Pronouns I use: she, her and hers