Winter Sports Game Schedules & Travel Requirement Update

Games schedules
We continue to work with the DCL preparing game schedules. They will be posted once that the league confirms levels and sites. Please check your emails since our in-season coaches communicate changes using your contact information.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

Traveling outside MA
If you are planning to leave MA at any time during this break please revise the DHH advisory for returning to MA.   The city of Newton requires a PRC Negative test up to 72 hours before arrival or require a 14-days quarantine before you can rejoin your in-person activities.

If you have questions regarding travel requirements please contact our school nurses, Mrs. Kiritsy and Mrs. Kramer

Please follow your protocols, wear a mask at all times, use proper hygiene during and after practices, and make wise choices. By doing so we can have a successful season.