Term 2 Midterm Comments Progress Reports

1. Midterm Comments/Progress Reports:

Term 2 Midterm Comments/Progress Reports are now posted on Aspen: (https://aspen.newton.k12.ma.us/aspen/logon.do). Published reports can be found on the initial page of the parent portal under the “Published Reports” widget. A PDF reader (e.g. Adobe Reader, Preview) is required to display all published reports.

In addition, every browser has its own settings for “blocking pop-up” windows. You must allow pop-ups from the ma-newton.myfollett.com site in the browser of your choice in order to display the report.

If you do not know how to login to Aspen, or need help resetting your password, please call your student’s house office.

A reminder that we have amended our comments list for this second term to reflect the current educational model we are working in. Here is a list of the comments that teachers could choose from for context purposes:  2020-21 Midterm Comments (amended for term 2).

*Please note that students whose parents/guardians had a conference with a given teacher(s) on 12/9 or 12/6 may NOT have a midterm comment for that particular class/classes.

If you have a specific question about any of the comments, please contact your/your child’s teacher.