Cohort Assignments/Information

Educational model (hybrid or distance-only) and cohort assignments are now available in the Aspen Family Portal. Students who selected the hybrid option in the new HyFlex high school schedule will see their cohort assignment (A, B, or C) in the Aspen Family Portal.

Below are the hybrid cohort day assignments and start date. (Students with siblings in hybrid learning models across grades K-12 were grouped into the same cohort.)

  • Hybrid Cohort A – In person on Monday and Tuesday. Remote Wednesday through Friday. In person classes begin on Monday, February 1st.
  • Hybrid Cohort B – In person on Thursday and Friday and remote Monday through Wednesday. In person classes begin on Thursday, January 28th.

  • Hybrid Cohort C – Students eligible to attend in person more than two days a week based upon various individual factors. In person classes will begin as early as  Wednesday, January 27.  Students already attending in person should continue to do so.

At this time, we cannot accept requests for movement between learning models and/or cohorts. However, please reach out to your counselor if you have an extenuating circumstance (such as a change in your personal or medical situation) that impacts your participation in a particular learning model.

Please note that the cohorting process at the NSHS has been a significant undertaking. We have over 1700 classes and our 1870 students each have 6 or 7 classes on their schedule. Every time you move one student from one cohort to the other, there is an impact on the split within 6 or 7 classes. We have to ensure that each class has a fairly even split….so that each cohort will fit safely in its classroom. Our schedulers have been working diligently through each of these 1700 classes to do our cohort assignments.

Distance-only-Students will continue to attend all classes remotely.

Bus Transportation – On Monday, January 11, eligible families will receive information about bus transportation. You will be given the opportunity to register if you have not done so already. You will also be able to cancel your registration if you have registered and no longer wish to ride the bus.

Bus capacity is severely limited given the reduced seating capacity. We are encouraging families to walk or bike to school if possible. Because of strict state guidelines for physical distancing in transportation and the need for contact tracing, we will not be able to accommodate students who do not have a bus pass.

While you are in the Aspen Family Portal,  take a moment to confirm that all of your contact information is correct. Communication with families, especially this year, is critical and we want to make sure we are reaching you in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about the learning model and cohort assignment process or the coming shift to the HyFlex schedule model, please feel free to reach out directly to: Marc A. Banks, Goldrick House Dean of Students, 617-559-6552