9th Grade History Choice Project #1

Working with our students as they develop research skills is an important focus for the NSHS library teachers. In term 2, the library teachers worked collaboratively with the 9th-grade History team to prepare for the 1st “choice project” that 9th-graders completed towards the end of the term. Since research looks a little different in the remote and HyFlex models, we met extensively with the 9th-grade History team leader to review the learning goals, develop potential project topics, and brainstorm project outcomes. Once the framework for the project was in place, the library team developed a research guide to support the project topics. 

Typically the 9th-grade teachers stagger their projects throughout the year so that the library teachers can work directly with classes in the library. As the entire 9th grade was doing the project simultaneously, it was not practical to Zoom with all the classes individually. Instead, the librarians created a series of videos for the teachers and students to view.

Once the students were working on their projects, the librarians staffed breakout rooms during both class periods and flex blocks so students could receive assistance in finding resources or citation help. Students also had the option to make 1:1 Zoom appointments to get support for this project. 

We look forward to working with our History colleagues and the 9th-grade students on Choice Project #2.