Swiming and Diving

Since the swimmers couldn’t attend the awards day, Coach Martin sent us his remarks regarding the team awardees.

Girls Awards

Award of Excellence V- Iris Ham is an exceptionally hard worker.   Since Freshman year has been a leading scorer on our team and a part of 2 record-breaking relays.   Her ability to compete in all 4 strokes is a testament to her skill set, but her major focus is breaststroke.   Iris’ 3rd place finish at the DCL meet also makes her a DCL All-Star.

Award of Excellence JV.  Alexandria Kuo began the year as a JV swimmer, but by our 3rd meet had dropped so much time that she became a consistent scorer in all the freestyle events.  Alexandria is a lead by example style of swimmer and her ability to take on the most challenging races has always been a key signature to her effort.  Alex has major goals for next season including breaking the 1-minute barrier in the 100 free.

110% Award.  Angela Yee was given a classic choice of Team first or Me first to begin the challenging ’21 season.   Obviously, Angela chose team first, put her head down, worked hard, and had her best season for the lions.  Angela led every single practice set this year.  She finished first in every single practice set.   Her ability to continue to challenge and push herself daily shows great promise of another 2 years of success.

Boys Awards

Award of Excellence V. Nicola Hensch is a professional swimmer posing as a high school junior.  Every record our boys’ team has broken in the last 3 years will have the name Hensch attached to it.   Nico is so much more than just the fastest to ever wear the orange and blue.   Our team looks to him for guidance, leadership, energy, and knowledge.  He is the epitome of having another coach on deck; except that he can dive in and challenge any other 4 kids to a relay on his own.  If ever there is someone deserving of ‘An award of excellence”; it’s Nico.

Award of Excellence JV. David Fischer wins his award for grit and determination.  David tried out for the team a year prior and did not have much success.   Some folks might let that deter them, but for David, he set a goal.  Not only did David make the team this year; he worked his butt off and by year’s end showed off the skills to come back next year and compete for points.  David’s 58 to end the season was no mistake as he and Eyal were hard workers all season.   Congratulations on the well-deserved award.

110% Award. Eyal Tamir – What a competitor.   Eyal’s sophomore year was out of nowhere.  Eyal decided to take on the 3 most challenging high school races.   He competed and placed in the 200 IM, 200 Free, and 500 Free all season long.   Eyal spent every practice trying to chase down Angela; and at max effort.   Eyal also was a part of our most exciting moment of the season; even though we couldn’t cheer as a team, you could feel the energy build up as our entire team encouraged and willed Eyal to his 5:57 in the 500 free.