Winter Awards Recipients

The Winter Sports Awards Days were held at the Field House on Saturday, February 20 under a modified format due to Covid protocols.

The following students were selected by their coaches to receive the 110% Award while competing at the varsity level.

2020-21 Winter 110% Awards 
Samuel Prudovsky Boys Varsity Basketball
Lily Altman Girls Varsity Basketball
Nathan Cohen Boys Varsity Ice Hockey
Freya Munshi Girls Varsity Ice Hockey
Shanna Lacey Girls Varsity Gymnastics
Michael Weiner Boys Varsity Gymnastics
Angela Yee Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving
Eyal Tamir Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving
Roey Leshem Boys Varsity Alpine Skiing
Masie Abbiati Girls Varsity Alpine Skiing
Aidan Lieberman Varsity Nordic Skiing
Emily Ball Unified Strength & Conditioning


The Award of Excellence is presented to Varsity and Sub-varsity athletes in recognition of their sportsmanship during this season.

Award of Excellence Winter 2020-2021
Name  Sport 
Max Aicardi Boys Varsity Basketball
Sean Martin Boys Junior Varsity Basketball
Elias Kiritsy Boys 9th Grade Basketball
Amaris Mills Girls Varsity Basketball
Annie Ganem Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Edward Tarmey Boys Varsity Ice Hockey
Boaz Sonderling Boys Junior Varsity Ice Hockey
Abigail Brodney Girls Varsity Ice Hockey
Isabella Valente Girls Varsity Gymnastics
Adrian Michael Boys Varsity Gymnastics
Iris Ham Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving
Alexandria Kuo Girls Junior Varsity Swimming & Diving
Nicola Hensch Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving
David Fischer Boys Junior Varsity Swimming & Diving
Logan Flannery Boys Varsity Alpine Skiing
Saylor Flannery Girls Varsity Alpine Skiing
Margaret Henson Girls Junior Varsity Alpine Skiing
Liam Sakakeeny Varsity Nordic Skiing
Jacob McPherson Junior Varsity Nordic Skiing
Daniel Doran Unified Strength & Conditioning