Senior Events – Prom & SouthFest Update

The South Administration team will soon be announcing a date for the Senior Prom.  SouthFest will follow immediately after the Prom on the same day.  In the meantime, planning has begun and many thanks to those who participated in the PTSO brainstorming session on March 2, 2021.  The next meeting will be scheduled later this month as soon as the event date is confirmed from the South Administration.

Thank you to the parent volunteers who are getting preliminary information on outdoor venues listed below.  Any questions, please contact

SouthFest Brainstorm Summary:

  1. Propose Event on May 20, 2021 – “21 Days to Graduation Countdown Ceremony” to honor our Class of 2021.  The PTSO would sponsor 1 or 2 Food trucks for Seniors for lunch.  Propose to do Live Word Cloud to capture “high school experience” and maybe use results to create a t-shirt for the class of 2021.
  2. Follow up with Parks/Rec on field availability and AD Gonzales once date is set by Administration for Prom.  SouthFest will immediately follow Prom ends on same day.  Discussing on use of Stadium, Baseball Field, Soccer Fields between South and Brown/Oakhill.
  3. Follow up with estimating Tent costs, generators and dancefloor.
  4. Continue research on outdoor venues (The Lawn on the D, Lookout Farm, the Gore Place, Larz Anderson and deCordova).
  5. SouthFest Activities ideas include: Laser tag, Mini golf, Kahoot game, Performances & activity – hula dancing, Performances – magic show, Trivia game, Carnival games/stations, Corn hole, Spike ball, Obstacle course, Slideshow of Class 2021 submitted by student.
  6. Food trucks and picnic area to allow small group gatherings.
  7. Logistics with social distancing, security details, signups TBD

Class officers will be conducting survey to assess interest in SouthFest activities above.  Our next step is to get feedback on March 12 from Class officers and adviser on the idea of a “21 Day Countdown Event”and SouthFest activities ideas, so the PTSO and class officers can follow up on costs and planning on activities based on MA guidelines on gatherings (As of 3/22 will be 100 indoors and 150 outdoors at public venues.)   Signups to support planning will be posted soon.   Questions, please contact