Spring Sports Registration on FamilyID

Spring sports registration on FamilyID will open on April 5th . All students participating are required to have a current physical on file.  Please note that the state requires in-person physicals for sports activities. Telehealth appointments are not acceptable.

The Newton South COVID Coach for the Spring season is Mr. Patrick Jordan Quern. Please see the preliminary protocol that our coaches will follow for Spring 2021:


  • NSHS coaches will ask each player to fill out the COVID symptom form by 1 PM.
  • Any student answering yes to any question will be kept out of practice. The coach will contact Covid coach immediately and text AD.
  • COVID coach talks to the student, contacts their family and sends the student home. He will also contact the AD and school nurse with the findings.
  • Sharing food or drink is not allowed at this time (no cakes, cupcakes, pizza, fruits, seeds, etc)

Post Practice

  • Equipment that is shared by the team has to be cleaned (use spray bottles and paper towels set for that purpose) before it is put away. That includes cones and extra balls. To be done by the coach that uses it.
  • Students have to take their equipment home and clean it before their next practice.
  • Please refer to general MIAA guidelines for best practices.

Away Games


  • Each team head coach is responsible for COVID-19 screening of all their team members before 1 PM.
  • If students answer yes to any screening question, the student can not travel to the visiting school.
  • Covid coach is contacted, the family is contacted, the head coach is contacted.

Newton South HOME games protocol – Spring 2021.

Fitted masks required for all participants. NO GAITERS ALLOWED.


  • NSHS staff member or coach greets visiting team – directs them to the appropriate field as needed
  • Visiting team head coach is responsible for COVID-19 screening all of their team members and other coaches who will be in attendance.
  • NSHS staff member greets refs; asks COVID-19 screening questions by NSHS COVID coach or another staff member.

Due to the nature of the current situation, all protocols and schedules are subject to change.  We look forward to a fun and safe Spring season!