Message & Survey from the Grading Group Grades 6 – 12

Good Evening,

The owner of the grading survey form has fixed the link to the survey so you should be able to access it now. The original email is below….


Dear Families and Caregivers,

This school year, in response to the pandemic and in an effort to be more equitable, we adapted our grading system to its current form.  In response to lessons learned from this year’s grading system, the likely continuing effects of the pandemic, and our collective ongoing learning about equitable grading practices, a working group of educators in grades 6-12 has been formed with the ultimate goal of making a recommendation for a grading system for the 21-22 school year.

Feedback from families is an important part of our process and will help inform next steps as we consider potential improvements to the grading system used in our middle and high schools. We are providing this video for additional information:

Please complete this short survey ( to help us capture your experience with the current grading system. Thank you in advance for your time.


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