Good People – Choose Kindness Program

From the Newton South High School Wellness Department

 Choose Kindness Program

Fostering community one act of kindness at a time!

 What’s it about?

The Choose Kindness Program was created to recognize members of our community for their random acts of kindness or maybe not so random!  These acts are not behaviors or actions that are considered normal or expected but a sincere effort to help others.  Holding a door for someone, picking up a piece of trash in the hallway, or saying “good morning” to someone are all very polite and nice gestures but are considered expected behaviors in our community.  Volunteering to help at a soup kitchen, tutoring another student who is struggling academically, and supporting someone who is in crisis are acts of kindness that deserve recognition and help strengthen our community. 

 What do I do?

It’s easy!  Complete the Google form below.

 What happens after I nominate someone?

I will be displaying all nominations on the Choose Kindness Program wellness board.  The board is located in the field house lobby, just look for the large smiley face!  Each month I will choose recipients of the Choose Kindness Program of the month award.  This award will give recognition to one faculty/staff and one student. 

 Choose Kindness Program – April Nomination Form