MCAS Updates

Please note: Sophomore and Junior families should have received a separate email from our MCAS coordinator, Faye Cassell with more details regarding room assignments, etc. If you didn’t receive an email or have any specific MCAS testing questions, please contact Faye at: Please do not contact Chris Hardiman regarding specific MCAS related questions. 

MCAS testing for 10th graders begins on Monday, May 3rd with a special class schedule for all grades.

Below is the block schedule for all of the MCAS dates over the next two weeks and, newly added, dates for 9th grade science MCAS in early June.  Please note that in order to balance out blocks with all of the required testing days, we needed to move blocks around more than is typical in a regular MCAS year. We know this can be disruptive to scheduling after school appointments and activities but we appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this difficult year.

 May and June MCAS Schedule