MCAS Schedule for Sophomores & Juniors

MCAS: A reminder that this week is the Math MCAS for grades 10 and 11. Here is the block schedule for the week:

May and June MCAS Schedule

Afternoon classes (1:05 – 3:55 pm) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the week of 5/3 and 5/10 WILL be offered IN SCHOOL for any student who is able to either take the bus or get a ride to school for these afternoon classes. If any students are usually in-person but are NOT able to come into school for these classes for whatever reason over the next two weeks, they should just let their teacher know that they will be zooming in from home instead of coming into school so they can be marked appropriately for attendance in Aspen.

b) Students who are taking the mid-day bus to school for the afternoon classes should know that the buses will be starting their routes at approximately 12:15pm with arrival at school by approximately 12:45pm. If you have more specific questions about your route and exact times, you will need to contact the NPS transportation info at this page:

c) For distance learning 10th or 11th graders taking the MCAS test in school over the next couple of weeks, please be aware that there are no buses available to take students back home mid-day after taking the test. Students who finish the test can either:

i) contact a parent/guardian to get a ride home at the conclusion of the test (at approximately 12:00 noon

ii) zoom into their afternoon classes from one of our overflow spaces (library, field house, gym B– someone will direct students where to go) and take the bus home at the regular dismissal time of 4:00 pm or get a ride from a parent/guardian at that time.