Spring Season is in Full Swing!

Our Spring teams hosted their first week of games since the 2019 season! It is great to see the students competing and safely enjoying the games they love. Our athletes and coaches are doing a great job following the necessary steps to keep everyone playing in a safe manner.

Covid Policies:

As you may be aware the state has lifted some restrictions for the general public. Yet the MIAA has not changed the requirements to participate in sports. Masks are required to be worn by athletes, coaches, officials and spectators for all sports and the distancing is still six feet.

We are happy we are able to host spectators at all games now, though including volleyball. For volleyball, two fans per player are welcome to attend and must have their assigned lanyards. We are also streaming the action for family members to enjoy!  Please note that member schools may not be streaming games this season.

Food and drinks:

In addition to masks, food and drinks are not to be shared by anyone. I know that cupcakes after games are a cherished tradition however we need to suspend them at this time. This applies to no food or drinks on busses (not only a Covid protocol but also a state regulation on school buses related to concerns for allergic reactions that lead to medical emergencies.

Mandatory Covid Testing for Athletes:

The School Committee has mandated pool testing for all athletes and extracurricular participates. The requirement started two weeks ago. We are currently at 50% participation. It is very important that athletes complete their weekly tests to make sure that teams can keep participating and that no one will have to sit out a week for non-compliance. The next test days are Monday, May 17 from 10:45 to 1 PM and Tuesday, May 18 from 3;30 to 4:30 PM.

Thank you for your understanding.