“Close Up” Trip to Washington DC: Information for Next Year

Dear parents and guardians,

Every year Newton South sponsors a six-day “Close Up” trip to Washington DC, where students stay with high school students from across the country, exploring the nation’s capital and seeing how our government operates. As well as getting to know students from areas of the country that may be unfamiliar, our students participate in a mock Congress, debate current issues, and learn how to be informed, active, involved US citizens. The Close Up week starts with a visit to Smithsonian museums, and continues with visits to numerous memorials, as well as other historic sites in Washington D.C., ending with a tour of Arlington National Cemetery. The highlight of the week is Capitol Hill Day, when we meet with our representatives (Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey and new Congressman Jake Auchincloss), tour the Capitol building, observe the Senate and/or House in session, attend Congressional hearings, and often visit the Library of Congress and Botanical Gardens. The long day concludes with a performance at the Kennedy Center. Overall, the trip provides a memorable experience that South students treasure.

This year we had to cancel the trip due to the pandemic, but next year we will be back in business! While we mostly take sophomores and some seniors, the Close Up Program is open to all upperclassmen at Newton South, with enrollment starting this June. Next year’s trip will run from March 6 – 11, 2022 and the $1800 cost includes the flight to DC, 5 nights hotel accommodation, bus, and Metro transportation, all programs, meals, and admission to the various museums and the Wednesday show. There is also some limited aid available for those in financial need. We hope you will find that the Close Up Program is a wonderful opportunity for your children to see Washington at a very exciting time (a new Presidency) and to share a unique social and political experience. If you have questions about the program, please contact me or Ms. Soo Hoo, or go to the Close Up foundation’s web page: www.closeup.org. If you are interested in having your child attend, please send an email to me (parlinr@newton.k12.ma.us)


Bob Parlin