Thank You Volunteers 2021 Senior Celebration

A big shout out to the Class Office, Class Advisor Crosby and Bhattacharya, and all the parent and faculty volunteers who helped make our June 6 2021 Senior Celebration an amazing evening for our Seniors.  The Class of 2021 was celebrated and danced the night away.

Special thanks to Theresa Fitzpatrick, our amazing event planner who coordinated all the pieces to make an amazing night!  And many thanks to Daniel Boschetti, who navigated and coordinated all the Foodtrucks and the process of delivering tasty meals at all our events.

Congratulations to the Class Office for making your Senior Year a terrific journey and celebration for all of our Seniors!  Grateful to David Murphy and his custodial team and Mr. Knoedler for your help, and thank you to all the Newton South Faculty who joined the Seniors to celebrate their year!

Cheers to all the parent and faculty volunteers who made these events possible for our Seniors.  It took a village, whether it’s bathroom duty, set up, registration, check-in, beverage tables or clean up. Thank you!

Maddie Welch, Eleni Firkusny, Heather Friedman, Lou Bonegio, Ed Holson, Wayne Fitzpatrick, Dean Xerras, Sarah de Ferranti Dutton, Aparna Singamsetty, Aruna Vallurupalli, Janna Greenberg, Daniel Greenberg, Stacey Bishop, Kelly Flannery, Yim Wong, Helena Alfonzo, Bob Parlin, Asli Scott, Estelle Ticktin, Jeremia Arell-Tunik, Kerri Bisaga, David Weintraub, Talia Gallagher, Alex Van Buren, Margot Murphy, Tracey Lavey, Dick Lavey, Katani Sumner, Aliona Sara, Barb Bower, Cindy Lam-Yee, Kathy Sillman, Katherine Galvin and Shawna Conaghan Murphy, Lyla Lee, Laura Flat, Rebecca Kramer, Marie Jackson, Jerry Reilly,  Kristin Holson, Eileen Deignan Hsu, Lisa Terrizzi, Debbi Kim, Aliona Sara, Rachel Beaver, Karen Chan, Sandra Kogan, Niki La Camera, Ilona Goldfarb, Ellen Gibson-Kennedy, Roya Salamipour, Elaine Goldberg, Bill Yee, Laurie Ball and Kim Slater.

Cheers to the Class of 2021!  Congratulations!