Become a Team Rep!

The Booster Club is expanding! 

As part of our efforts to strengthen the Booster Club’s support of South’s athletes, teams, coaches and Athletic Department, we are adding the position of Team Rep to our organizational structure. Our goal is to have a Rep for each team, at all levels, who coordinates support for their child’s team and provides a connection to the larger Athletic community through the Booster Club.

The Team Rep will share team requests, provide communication, feedback and support broader initiatives that help all South teams and the Athletic program. This coordination will allow the Boosters to provide consistent support to all our teams, student-athletes and coaches.

Team Reps must be the parent/guardian of an athlete on the team they representing. If you are interested in becoming a Team Rep, please be in touch with your child’s coach, and plan to attend the Booster Club’s first meeting on Thursday, September 23 at 7:30 pm. Questions? Email us! 

Team Rep Responsibilities: 

Provide Team Support – *As directed by the Coach*

Lead and or coordinate volunteers to:

  • Support the team coach with strengthening team spirit (e.g., team dinners, senior recognition events, community service activities)
  • Support the coach on fundraising initiatives
  • Build community among team parents and fans at all team levels (e.g., distribute rosters, email lists, coordinate family meet & greets)
  • Promote news about the team to the Booster Club
  • Work with coaching staff to understand needs of the team and appropriate resources for funding (team fundraising vs. Booster Club)

Serve as Team Rep to the Booster Club 

  • Represent their child’s team at monthly Booster Club meetings
  • Share updates, spirit-building ideas with other teams through Booster Club meetings
  • Provide input on Booster Club activities and participate and promote Booster Club fundraising efforts back to individual team
  • Vote on funding requests to the Booster Club (to come)
  • Serve as a point person for funding requests to the Booster Club (to come)

As mentioned above, the role of the Team Rep is to coordinate support for a team, not to do it all on their own. We also appreciate parent input/feedback on this position as we grow and evolve our program.

We look forward to working with you!