Newton South Math Team Update

The Newton South math team had its second meet in the Greater Boston Math League and did extremely well. Three team members (Vivek Vallurupalli, Ethan Pang & Elena Baskakova) got a perfect score and a few others were almost perfect. Both Sines and Cosines earned a perfect score in the Team Round.

Students trained hard to get prepared for the meet and the captains did an amazing job running team practices. It is so nice to see all these efforts reflected in the team’s score. Congrats to all the team members, the captains and the math team advisor, Mr. Petrizzi!

As a reminder, the first virtual practice of the Massachusetts ARML team is on Sunday, November 28, and the next two will be on December 11 and 12. If you are interested in ARML, please reach out to Mr. Olson.