Newton South Students: Verification of Course Requests due Monday 4/4 4pm

Newton South Students and Families:


As the final part of the course registration process, we ask all students to complete a verification form to ensure that their course selections are correct and to make any last second changes to their course requests. This process will begin today and end at 4pm on Monday, April 4. To prepare for this verification process, please note the following:


Your course requests are available for viewing on Aspen in the “Documents” folder.

Please check your Documents folder for a file titled “NSHS 2022-2023 Course Requests”. The file type is “Recommendation”, uploaded on Friday, April 1.


Review this document to determine if your course requests are correct. Regardless of whether any changes need to be made, you will still need to complete this form.


Review Instruction Video and Complete Verification Form

All students need to complete a verification form, regardless of whether a correction is being requested.


This form can be found here.

Video instructions are here.


Students are free to complete this form at any point this weekend. However, if students need assistance, we will run an extended advisory on Monday, April 4 to give students time to complete the form.


If students have any questions after completing the form, there is a space at the end of the form for them to indicate that they still need assistance from a counselor.


Please let us know if you have any questions. As a reminder, all students must complete this form, and this form must be completed by 4pm on Monday, April 4.




Jason Williams (he/him/his)

Vice Principal

Newton South High School

140 Brandeis Road

Newton, MA 02459