Class of 2025 Event

We are very excited to announce that the Class of 2025 is going to be holding a dance/social event on Saturday, June 4th from 7-10pm. It will be tropical themed and all students attending will be encouraged to dress in theme! The dance will take place in the student center where we are going to transform the space with tropical decorations, lights, and games! We will have a DJ playing music and running the dancing part of the event. There will be food, games, and a photo booth for students to use to commemorate the night. We are very excited to bring the Class of 2025 together for their first event at NSHS and excited for all the support from staff, parents, and students to help this come to life. We will begin selling tickets in May (for a cost we are still determining) that will help support the cost for music, decorations, and food.