FORJ Housing Wants Your Input!

Please join us on Zoom Tuesday, September 20 at 7:30 to give your input on Newton’s proposed zoning changes. This is an important opportunity to influence the future of Newton’s village centers.
Zoning laws regulate what can be built and where. For example, zoning determines how tall buildings can be, what can be built where, and what changes can be made to existing buildings. This can impact a village center’s housing supply, economic development, transportation, green space, and how spaces can be used by all our residents. All of these change have the potential to impact racial equity in housing in Newton.
The City is considering important changes to our zoning rules for the first time in 30 years. Last summer, the city heard what community members’ envisioned for the village center’s future. Based on that, the City drafted a set of updates to the zoning rules. Now, the city would like input on 3 questions about the updates’ framework for increased density and reduced parking requirements. 
In this session, we will review the proposed zoning changes and walk you through how to submit your feedback on the proposed changes.
Questions?  Contact Laura Towvim,