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Best selling author to visit NSHS on 10/30

The Newton South librarians are excited to announce that New York Times best selling author of We Were Liars (and others) is coming to NSHS to discuss her latest book Genuine Fraud on Monday October 30 during C-Block in the auditorium.

This event is made possible by Wellesley Books. Instead of charging us a speaker’s fee, Wellesley Books asked that we distribute an order form in advance for students to buy signed, personalized book copies. Book purchases are optional. We have sent this form out to all students via Schoology, but you can also find it here.

We are inviting any classes with interested/engaged readers to come hear her speak and participate in a short Q&A about her books and the writing process.

Students who are not coming with their class may also be able to attend with permission from their C-Block teacher. They should ask a librarian about how to sign-up. Book purchases are available to everyone, regardless of whether they are able to attend the author presentation.

We have copies of We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud in the library if students would like to read it in advance, and the e-book of We Were Liars is available in the free Axis360 app.

Children’s Book Contest @ NSHS Library

It’s one of our favorite times of the year in the library: when the pre-school comes for story time! Students in Ms. Stonehill’s class wrote and illustrated their own picture books, which were judged by the library staff. Then everyone got to hear some stories before enjoying a pizza party in the library.

The activity is always a big hit with big and little kids alike, and we can’t wait for next year.

Summer Reading at NSHS Library

As soon we are done collecting library books from students, we switch gears right into summer reading mode. The librarians participated on the One School, One Question committee to develop the question and select the books. Now we have all five books on sale in the NSHS Library ($10 each), each addressing the question “How can I make a difference?” in its own way:

Please remind your student to stop by the library to select and purchase their 1S1Q book. Of course, students are welcome to read more than one. We have!

In addition to 1S1Q books, students are welcome to check out up to five books for independent reading. There is no sense in NSHS Library books just sitting on the shelves all summer if they could be being read. To that end, we have set up a summer reading display and our student library aides gathered a wide ranging assortment of high interest fiction and nonfiction titles. Of course, students are not limited to the books in the display. Any circulating title is available for summer check out. If your NSHS student is an avid reader, encourage them to stop by the NSHS Library and stock up.

Don’t forget that students will be able to check out e-books all summer. They can see a librarian for a tutorial on e-books prior to the last day of school, or visit our e-book page on the NSHS Library website over the summer.

NSHS Library Annual Report 2017

We had another busy year here at the NSHS Library. Check out the highlights in our annual report:

annual report screenshot and link

National Poetry Month in the Library

April is National Poetry Month. Students can take advantage of magnetic poetry, black-out poems and more. The library department also teamed with English teachers to create a poetry lab where students can record spoken word poems, and a library web page chock-full of poetry resources for students and teachers. Encourage your students to come to the library to enjoy, create and share poetry this month!

Freshman World History Research in the Library

The Freshman World History project is in full swing! Library teachers have rolled out a new strategy to better coordinate and co-teach, creating mini-courses on Schoology that can be added to classroom teachers’ pages. These mini-courses include database quizzes, and instruction on keywords, search strategies, and creating research questions. We hosted 56 freshman World History research paper classes in the library from January through March and there are still more to come! If your freshman needs help with sources, citations, accessing research databases, etc., encourage them to book some time with a librarian for one on one assistance. Remind them that they can also text or email us via the NSHS Library Help Line.

March Madness in the Library

This week caps off NSHS Library’s first foray into a “March Madness” battle of the books. It all started with the Sweet Sixteen — sixteen popular YA (young adult) books that were pitted against each other in a NCAA-style bracket. Each week the students voted on the pairs using an online Google form that was accessible from the library’s web page, at the circulation desk and via scannable links posted at the dual displays in both the library and outside the English Office.  And the winner is… We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart. A student in Ms Arnaboldi’s Advisory submitted a winning bracket (just missing the final pick), winning Dunkin’s Munchkins and hot chocolate for his whole homeroom this week — congratulations!

Homework Free Break + Free Books = More Free Reading

As you may know, teachers do not assign homework over February break so students have time to recharge their batteries, relax with friends or family, and return to school refreshed. That may also make it a great time for your student to dip into some independent reading. The library staff has created a display of high interest books near the circulation desk to make it a snap to quickly pick up a book before break. Encourage your student to stop by and check one out for a quiet afternoon at home or for a ride on a plane, train, or automobile. A book makes a great companion no matter what your family has in store over break.

In the event that you have an avid reader at your house, rest assured that they will continue to have access to books even when they are far away from school. Students can download the Axis 360 app on their mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows or Kindle Fire) and then log in using their Newton Public School credentials to download both e-books and audiobooks. Students can find more information, and even more sources for free e-books, by visiting the NSHS Library e-book guide.

Sophomore Speech in the Library

The Sophomore Speech project kicked off in the library during term two in a big way, with 12 English teachers coming to the library for a total of 44 classes. English teachers collaborated with the librarians to help students explore speech topics, find evidence to reinforce arguments, and properly cite their sources using NoodleTools (the library’s fabulous online citation tool for students — click the link to learn more about it and to view brief tutorial videos created by the librarians).

It is always such a pleasure to come across students in the library (and in the hallways all over the school) practicing their speeches and receiving coaching from their peers. Our commendation goes out to all the sophomores for making it through this NSHS rite of passage, and congratulations to the finalists!

Reminder: Support the Library with Success @ South!

The Success @ South Program is going strong! The Newton South Library is a busy place; on a typical day we have more than 2,000 visitors. The library serves many purposes: students may have a class meeting there; they may be doing research or homework during a free block; using one of our Chromebooks or printers to complete an assignment; or filming using our green screen. And of course, checking out books or to learning how to download e-books on their mobile device.

Your contributions will help the library meet all of your students’ needs. Our wish list includes:

  • Study carrels where students can focus in a quiet and private space
  • Comfortable reading chairs to replace broken chairs and create more casual seating
  • Computer tables to increase the number of computers available
  • Display shelves to more effectively organize and showcase reading material

Some possible options for new furniture:

Learn more about the Success@South Program here and click here to donate.