Reminder Tonight 7PM – 9th Grade and New to South Parent/Guardian Webinar

Dear Parents/Guardians of Ninth Grade and New to South,

Reminder that the webinar is tonight at 7PM.  Your link and password to access the webinar was sent to families.  Please see the agenda for the webinar.  Thank you.



  • Principal Introduction (Mark Aronson)

  • PTSO Intro (May Chiu)

  • Deans Welcome & Counselors Introductions  (Deans, Counselors)

  • Developmental Message & Guidance Team Introduction (Dan Rubin)

    • Stacey Bishop – Adjustment Counselor/METCO Counselor

    • Katani Sumner – METCO Counselor/English co-teacher

    • Brian Deleskey – Prevention Intervention Counselor

    • Kathy Sabet – College and Career Counselor

    • Clinicians team at South: Sarah Gentile, Carly Edelstein, Kathleen Solage, Steve Feinberg, Tracey Murphy, Andrew Aspel

  • Special Education Welcome Message – (Melissa Gamble)

  • Student Affairs and Restorative Practices (Tori Parker)

  • Whole School Info by Deans

  • Q&A (time permitting)