Swim Team

Our swim coach Phil Martin, is sharing with us last week’s highlights. Congratulations to our new record holders and to all their outstanding teammates!

“We have a new record holder in ALL our Girls Diving Events.  Esther Dansinger performed 11 dives in Friday’s competition breaking the 6-Dive record by 20 points with a score of 275.40.  Esther’s new 11 dive record (494.925) bested the old mark by 140 points.   Wowsers. 

Dan and Alex Chan each had a great race in the 100 free.  The brother’s each marked personal bests.

Alexandria Kuo dropped 7 seconds in the 500 free. Way to go Alex!

Ryan Kam made his debut in the 500 and swam a fun-to-watch 5:35.   After he went out in that first 150 we all held our breath waiting for him to run out of gas, but Ryan held on strong posting a 105 in his final 100.

Maya Hernandez drops 2 in the 100 breaststroke with a 115.   Maya and Kelly Cheng also brought the spirit rallying the team from behind the lane.  Go captains!

Eyal Tamir sub 1minute in the 100 free!  Barriers Broken.

Alex Zheng with a 1:14 100 breast! How to make the most of that race and earn another shot at swimming it.

Great 1-2 finish from Elisabeth Nesta and Claire Hooper in the 200 posting a 2:02 and 2:03’s.  The record for the 2Free is 2:00.38.   REACHABLE!

This is the first time in 10 years I have seen all 3 participants in the 100 free go sub 1:00!  Claire Hooper, Zoe Zalkind and Jada Green with a 56,58,58 times.  That 3:48 record in the 400 Free Relay doesn’t stand a chance this year.

Diver Relays!!   Zach Greenberg, Will Lavey, and Kaity Shaughnessy shine as they step in to do some swimming.  Zach posted a 26, Will a 28 and Kaity a 29!   Kaity, you might find yourself in more of those if it’s alright with you?!? I guess Topher’s 23 was ok too.

Anna Kuo is a GREAT Teammate.  ‘I’ll switch with you if you’d like”.   “I’ll swim that”. ” You can do it”.   That is the attitude you show up with.   I can and will do whatever it takes to compete.  There is no race that you can’t take on. “