Parking Lottery Round 2 Due Jan 30th

Round 2 Parking Lottery is open to all enrolled Junior and Seniors at South.

The deadline is SATURDAY – JANUARY 30, 2021 by 11:59pm.   There will be no exceptions if the form is received after the deadline.

Click to complete the lottery form at

Note the form/entry will NOT BE ACCEPTED if you are MISSING ANY INFORMATION or DOCUMENTATION below!  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules.

We are UNABLE to make MEDICAL EXCEPTIONS through the lottery due to the high number of requests and limited spots.

Spots/Recipients will be announced on SUNDAY, January 31.  Winners will need to pay the pay the $75 fee for parking, via My School Bucks (more detailed information will be provided when invoices are available).  If that invoice is unpaid when released, the spot will be revoked and given to the next student on the waitlist!  AT THIS TIME, there is no payment needed, but it will come shortly!  *Note about the $75 fee.  This fee goes directly to the City of Newton.  It is mirroring the bus fee, so that transportation to school is more equitable.

Please note that NO STUDENTS may park in ANY white lined spaces on campus. You will be towed!

Mx. Tori Parker
~ Coordinator of Student Affairs and Restorative Practices
~ Department Chair of: EL, Campus Aides, and Library