Reminder – Cohort B and C Drop off COVID Test Swabs Tomorrow!

Regular testing is the only way to identify individuals who do not realize they are sick before they spread the virus to others.

Why should my child participate?  Civic duty; Contribution to a healthy school environment; Preserve in-person learning; Stop the spread; Decrease transmission; More participation is better – larger group with immunity!

It’s easy, just start by providing consent for your child(ren) to participate. Simply view the consent form instructions here, then go to the parent portal on Aspen to complete the consent.  As long as you consent on Aspen by 8pm Sunday evening, you will be added into the JCM testing website by NPS data team in time for Monday morning’s test (Cohort A and C) or Thursday morning (Cohort B and C).  Wait till your student gets the email from NPS, then go to JCMWORKS website and enter his/her NPS email, select “Forgot Password prompt”, follow the email verification process, log in and the QR Code will appear.

When and where do student drop off their swab? At the Faculty Dining Room for  Hybrids A, B and C  during lunch period B Block on either Monday or Thursday and Eligible distance students from 3:45pm to 4:30pm on Thursday.

For more information, visit the FAQ at