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Ticketing/Towing Unregistered Cars at South

Juniors, Seniors, and NSHS Staff,

Please be aware:

As of Monday, 3/22/21, we need to begin sticker ticketing (the orange ones that stick to windows), and if it is a second+ offense – towing, cars parked without permits/placards on campus.

All WHITE lined spaces are Staff parking:

  •  any cars without NSHS Staff parking permit stickers will be ticketed (first offense) or towed (second+ offense).
All YELLOW lined spaces are PAID Student Spaces:
  • any cars without NSHS Student parking permit stickers/student placards will be ticketed (first offense) or towed (second+ offense).
  • these YELLOW numbered spaces are specifically assigned to individual students on their cohort days.
  • any unassigned car parked in a student’s paid space will be ticketed (first offense) or towed (second+ offense).

Staff, please be sure you have a parking sticker! (See Ms. Connolly in the main office if you need one!)

Students, we have very limited spaces left.  If you would like to purchase a parking space for the remainder of the year, fill out this form using your NPS email address.  The final lottery will be run Tuesday, 3/23, at 9am.  Be sure you enter before then!  Spaces this year are $75, which mirrors the bus fee and goes directly to the City of Newton (not South).

Don’t want to pay for a space?  The only place you can park on campus without being ticketed/towed are the few spaces next to the football field.  Be sure to get here early if you’re planning to park there!

Thank you, all!

If you have questions, please email Ann Dinsmore at 

With love,

Mx. Tori Parker

Coordinator of Student Affairs and Restorative Practices

Department Chair of: EL, Campus Aides, and Library

Newton South High School

Newton, MA 02459


AP Exam Update – Technology & Test Dates

Please see latest update on 2021 AP Exams from Mrs. Price.  Please contact her directly if you have any questions at  

I am sending you information about communication, requesting a refund for an AP exam, selecting which device you will use if you are going to take an AP exam online, and update on test dates.

All students should: 

  1. Checking in with classmatesI have heard from some parents that their child is not receiving my emails. I want to ask you a favor. Can all students please check with classmates and friends to see if they received the latest information? If they haven’t, can you please share it with them? Thank you very much.
  2. Cancel an exam/Request a refund.  If you wish to cancel an exam and request a refund, you must log on to your Total Registration account to do so. A request for a refund must be made by 6:00 p.m. on May 2, 2021.
  3. Technology check-inThis year Mr. Brian Hammel, Instructional Technology Specialist at Newton South, is going to handle the technology preparation of the digital AP testing. Mr. Hammel will answer any questions you may have about the device you are going to use if you are testing online.  
  4. Technology requirements for online AP Exams. If you are going to take an AP exam online, I am adding the general technical requirements from the College Board 2020-2021 AP Digital Testing Guide for devices that will be used for taking an exam:
  • Each student will need access to a laptop or desktop computer (Mac, Windows, or school-managed Chromebook). iPads may be used if they fit the technical requirements.
  • The computer can be a personal computer (except for Chromebooks) or a school-provided computer but must not be shared between students after exam setup is completed.
  • Smartphones are not permitted for testing. Students’ personal Chromebooks may not be used for 2021 digital AP exams. ”
  • Contact Mr. Hammel with any questions that you have about the device that you plan to use. He can be reached at If you going into the building, you may meet with Mr. Hammel. His office is in the library behind the circulation desk.

It is important that you decide now which device you are going to use for online testing. Starting April 8, the College Board will send directions to you through your College Board account on how to download and install the digital testing application to your device. You will need to complete the exam setup for each exam you plan to take one to three days before each exam. You are responsible that your computer is ready for the exam. 

Update on 2021 Exam Dates

I am writing this email blast about the 2021 exam dates. Right now the College Board has everyone scheduled to take their exam(s) at South in person from May 3 to May 17. You will see that if you log on to your CB account.

In previous emails, I have let you know that we are using the in person dates for WL and Music, and that we are encouraging students to take all other exams online at home. Online exams will not be given at school.

Recently the Newton district administration decided to offer the dates from Administration One for those students whose families feel that an in person testing would better fit their child’s needs.

I apologize in advance for any and all inconveniences.  I am going to start making changes on Tuesday, March 16 afternoon. Please look at the changes and contact me with concerns, starting Wednesday, March 17. I would like to have this finished by Tuesday, March 23.

  1. Students who are taking a World Language exam or Music Theory are scheduled to take the exam during Administration 1. I am not going to change those dates. They are correct.
  2. I am going to assign all other students to an online testing date.
  3. If the test dates are correct, you do not need to contact me.
  4. Seniors and other students with obligations related to graduation/class activities and who are taking Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Physics 1, Physics Mech, Physics E & M, and Stats need to email me and let me know that a change needs to be made. I anticipate that other changes will need to be made as well. If you have already emailed me about a change, you can forward the same email to me.
  5. I am aware that some students may be double booked for two exams at the same time, and that changes may need to be made for students approved for extended time who have two exams on the same day. I’m not sure that there are great solutions for every situation, but I will do my best to try and make the schedule work.

Cisco Summer Externship for 2021

The Cisco summer externship is a fantastic experience open to any senior or rising senior.  Cisco has twice (!) been ranked as the #1 place to work in the world and this competitive program is a fantastic opportunity to learn about our Conscious Culture and what makes Cisco unique.

The summer externship is a 2 week, 100% virtual opportunity to learn about Cisco, Cybersecurity, design thinking, personal branding, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  We are accepting applications through April 4th.

Students must:

  • Have a 3.0 GPA (weighted or unweighted)
  • Graduating in 2021 or 2022
  • Demonstrable interest in business and/or technology
  • Ability to work virtually Monday through Friday

Students can apply at:

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

Cisco High brochure_summer 2021[68]

UNESCO Program Virtual Information Meeting: March 16 & 17

The UNESCO Program will be hosting a virtual information meeting on March 16 & 17 for all students who are interested in applying for the 2022 Program (see poster for details).

Description: Students will attend the 3-day International Meeting of the UNESCO Associated Schools.  Prior to traveling to the conference, students will brainstorm, implement, document, and produce a project around the conference theme: 2022 Diversity of Cultural Expressions.  At the conference, students will present their projects to students, teachers, and UNESCO organizers.  After the conference, students will tour historical sites and landmarks in and around Lisbon, Portugal, learning and experiencing Portuguese history and culture.

Eligibility:  CURRENT (2020-2021) Newton South freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

Application Process & More Information:  Please visit the UNESCO Program website for more information and inside looks at the student experiences over the years and themes. Applications for 2022 will be made available on the site AFTER the information meeting.


Zoom Link: Passcode: dogao2021

UNESCO 2022 – Information Meeting Flyer

AP Exams Schedule

The 2021 AP exam dates are scheduled and the dates are below for in-building, submission and online exams. Please note multiple options (In building and online) for some exams.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Price at


  • Monday, May 3             1:40            Physics C: E and M 
  • Wednesday, May 5     11:40           Japanese
  • Monday, May 10.          7:40.          French
  • Tuesday, May 11.         7:40.            Spanish
  • Wednesday, May 12   11:40.           Music Theory
  • Friday, May 14.            11:40           Chinese
  • Monday, May 24         7:40             Calculus AB and BC
  • Monday, May 24        11:40            Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  • Monday, May 24        11:40            Physics C: Mechanics
  • Tuesday, May 25.          7:40.          Chemistry
  • Tuesday, May 25.          7:40.          Physics C: E and M
  • Tuesday, May 25.        11:40.          Statistics

IMPORTANT NOTE: For all in-building exams, students are required to wear masks during the recorded, speaking sections of language and music exams.


Thursday, May 20.    Art and Computer Science Principles


  • Tuesday, May 18.            11:30           English Literature
  • Tuesday, May 18.             3:30            Computer Science A
  • Wednesday, May 19.       11:30           European History
  • Wednesday, May 19.       11:30           US History
  • Wednesday, May 19         3:30            Macroeconomics
  • Thursday, May 20.            11:30          US Gov and Politics
  • Thursday, May 20.            11:30          World History
  • Thursday, May 20.              3:30          Psychology
  • Wednesday, May 26.         11:30         English Language
  • Wednesday, May 26            3:30         Computer Science Principles
  • Thursday, May 27.             11:30         Biology
  • Thursday, May 27.               3:30         Environmental Science
  • Friday, May 28                    11:30         Comparative Gov
  • Friday, May 28.                   11:30         Human Geography
  • Friday, May 28                      3:30.        Microeconomics
  • Wednesday, June 9.           11:30         Calculus AB/BC
  • Wednesday, June 9.             3:30.       Physics 1: Algebra-Based
  • Wednesday, June 9.             3:30.       Physics C: Mechanics
  • Thursday, June 10              11:30         Chemistry
  • Thursday, June 10              11:30         Physics C: E and M
  • Thursday, June 10                3:30        Statistics

NOTE: The times above are the login times, as the College Board requires students to check in 30 minutes prior to the actual start of the exam.

Parking Lottery Round 2 Due Jan 30th

Round 2 Parking Lottery is open to all enrolled Junior and Seniors at South.

The deadline is SATURDAY – JANUARY 30, 2021 by 11:59pm.   There will be no exceptions if the form is received after the deadline.

Click to complete the lottery form at

Note the form/entry will NOT BE ACCEPTED if you are MISSING ANY INFORMATION or DOCUMENTATION below!  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules.

We are UNABLE to make MEDICAL EXCEPTIONS through the lottery due to the high number of requests and limited spots.

Spots/Recipients will be announced on SUNDAY, January 31.  Winners will need to pay the pay the $75 fee for parking, via My School Bucks (more detailed information will be provided when invoices are available).  If that invoice is unpaid when released, the spot will be revoked and given to the next student on the waitlist!  AT THIS TIME, there is no payment needed, but it will come shortly!  *Note about the $75 fee.  This fee goes directly to the City of Newton.  It is mirroring the bus fee, so that transportation to school is more equitable.

Please note that NO STUDENTS may park in ANY white lined spaces on campus. You will be towed!

Mx. Tori Parker
~ Coordinator of Student Affairs and Restorative Practices
~ Department Chair of: EL, Campus Aides, and Library

2021 PSAT Registration

Please find information about 2021 PSAT Registration at NSHS website:

Register for the January 26, 2021 PSAT at Newton South High School.  The PSAT will be given at Newton South High School on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

  • Juniors are eligible to take the exam and are encouraged to take this exam as part of the preparation for spring SAT tests.
  • Juniors may qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program based on their PSAT score.
  • There is no make-up date for the PSAT.


GPA Updates

Newton South GPA Update

As a follow up to first term report cards being released this past Monday, here is an update on GPA as we know there have been questions, especially for Uuniors:

As has been shared previously, the Newton South/Newton North joint GPA Committee met this summer to make recommendations regarding how grades earned during the 2019-2020 school year would factor into student GPA. While the school year was disrupted in March, students were awarded final grades using our traditional grading system. This allowed for a continuation of both schools’ long-standing practices for calculating GPA. The one notable wrinkle was that final course grades of “P” were not factored into the GPA at all, even in those courses that have traditionally counted toward GPA.

The GPA Committee has continued to meet during the fall to prepare recommendations for the two school communities regarding GPA practices in relation to our modified grading during remote/hyflex learning. The committee has recommended a plan to calculate a GPA for the 2020-2021 school year to be reported as a “stand alone” that will not be incorporated into a cumulative GPA. Students will receive a GPA for this year in accordance with the following values:

A=4.0, B=3.0, P=2.0, NG=1.0

A weighted GPA will also be calculated, adding an additional 0.5 for each course at the ACP level and an additional 1.0 for each course at the Honors/AP level.

The committee will continue their work and will make additional recommendations once the district makes the final determination regarding grading practices for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond.

Chris Hardiman,
Interim Vice Principal

Safety Protocols Reminder & Volunteers Needed for Juniors Event on Nov 20th

Dear Newton South Parents/Guardians of Junior!

The PTSO is sponsoring an event for the Class of 2022.  All students will receive an reminder email from Interim Vice Principal Hardiman by Wednesday with the same information about social distancing protocols.

Please remind your junior(s) about following social distancing guidelines to ensure we have a safe and fun in-person event.  Parents/guardians are responsible for determining whether their child(ren) can participate in this in-person opportunity.  You can drop off in the main parking lot.  Students can proceed to the circle area by the stadium to check-in.  All students must leave by 7:30pm.  Please arrange rides accordingly.  Thank you!

We do need more parent volunteers to support the event, please sign up if you can at

Please note that all students must register for the event by noon on Thurs. Nov 19th.

Hello Juniors!

The Newton South PTSO is excited to host this in-person event on Friday, November 20 from 5:30-7PM.   Join us for a night under the lights.  You must register for this event by noon on Thurs. Nov 20th at this link

Check-in is required and begins at 5:20PM at the parking lot area prior to entering the stadium.  Our priority is to ensure we have a safe event for this in-person opportunity. With the updated State Guidelines, we want to update you and remind everyone that it is a requirement for all participants to follow social distancing guidelines:

  • Masks at all times during the event
  • Minimum 6ft physical distancing (sitting or standing)
  • Avoiding close contact (talking and being less than 6ft apart)

Moving to different areas on the field to see classmates is fine, but guidelines state one should avoid any physical contact with another student and have close contact (sitting or standing and speaking while less than 6ft with a mask on). This includes all students, regardless if you have been previously exposed to on a regular basis. Physical distancing of 6ft apart should be followed at all times. Parent volunteers will be managing check-in, social distancing guidelines and exiting the stadium.

Looking forward to a safe and fun event everyone.   Thank you.

Friday Night Lights for Juniors Fri., Nov. 20th at 5:30PM

The PTSO is sponsoring an event for the Class of 2022.  All students received an email from Interim Vice Principal Hardiman on Friday, Nov 13th about the event.  This is an in-person event for all students who are able to participate. 

Please encourage your child(ren) to attend if they are able for a fun night of games and music under the lights this Friday, November 20 (rain date November 21), from 5:30-7p at the NSHS stadium. If there are more than 100 signups, we will have a second session from 7:30-9pm.

*Please note*: Students must register for the event by noon on Thursday, November 19th.  An e-ticket confirmation is required to participate.


Social distancing requirements at the event include: masks at all times, a minimum 6ft physical distancing, and no close contact (standing or sitting and speaking while being less than 6ft apart). 

For questions, email Melissa Monokroussos: